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Preparing Documents for the Renewal of a Temporary Resident’s Permit in Cyprus Januari 16, 2014

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After my arrival at the Republic of Cyprus on the 27th of December 2013 using entry permit (visa) that allows me staying in Cyprus for maximum only 15 days after the arrival, then I must apply for the renewal of a temporary resident’s permit that will be valid for 6 months. To this purpose, as a student registered at Frederick University Cyprus I must prepare some documents to be submitted to the migration department as follows:

  1. M61 form (application for the renewal of a temporary resident’s permit)
  2. Migration letter – from the Frederick University
  3. Immigration letter – from the Frederick University
  4. Bank Guarantee – from the Frederick University
  5. Medical attestation
  6. Copy of Entry Permit (Visa) to Cyprus
  7. Blood test results from a medical center in Cyprus (around EUR 30)
  8. X-Ray results from a medical center in Cyprus (around EUR 20)
  9. Copy of passport stamped by the person who contacted the blood test and X-Ray
  10. 4 photograph
  11. Bank book
  12. Medical insurance policy
  13. Contract of accommodation (stamped by the President of the municipal council of the area of residence)
  14. Passport and copy of passport (pages showing important information)
  15. EUR 105
  16. All documents stamped by the Embassy/Consulate during the visa interview (academic qualifications, police certificate, financial documents)
  17. Copy of the approval of the student’s academic qualifications by the Ministry of Education of Cyprus

Form M61

I received M61 form from Marianna Michael, officer for the international students of Frederick University Cyprus. There are some important information beside the general identification that we should provide, for example Date of expiry of visa for re-entry to country of domicile/permanent residence (see in the entry permit/visa), Date and port of last entry into Cyprus, Period for which renewal of permit is required (depends on the program we will undertake), Means of maintenance (money in hand/bank today, monthly salary/income).

Medical Examination

According to my entry permit (visa), I must proceed for medical examinations for AIDS Virus, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tuberculosis (chest X-Ray) and other contagious diseases. In few days ago, Waqar, my friend from Pakistan, and I went to medical center near Digeni Akrita Avenue to obtain blood test results and X-Ray test results. After paying EUR 30 for blood test and EUR 20 for X-Ray test, we received the blood and X-Ray results and two copies of passport with stamped by the corresponding person there. Next agenda, these documents should be attested by official institution.



:: I received the blood test results in the same day, around 2 hours after the sample of blood was taken ::


:: Place of the Radiology Center in Digeni Akrita Avenue for the X-Ray test ::

Medical Insurance Policy

I have had the copy of insurance documents from Anna Hajduk, The Strong-Ties Team from City University of London, and the original version from Marianna Michael.

Bank Book

I have had a bank book from the Bank of Cyprus. We should deposit some money minimum EUR 850 in the bank. Typically, the process will take time around 1-2 weeks from submitting all documents required (complete form from the bank, copy of passport) because our applications must be approved first by the central bank in Cyprus (approval from the central bank can be within 1 week or more).

Contract of Accommodation

I have had the kind of document from landlord or person who own my studio apartment. The document consist of four pages with signed (and stamped) by the owner and me in each page. Then, I should proceed for the attestation by official institution.



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